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Aluminium Store, Showroom & Offices

Aluminium Store, Showroom & Offices

Neo Psychiko

Principal Architect:  Aristides Kordas

Project Architect: Angeliki Labada

Design Team: Anastasis Dimokas

Aluminium Store, Showroom & Offices

The project refers to the remodeling of an existing Aluminum and Steel constructions company showroom and offices οn Kifisias Avenue. The key challenge of this store renovation was to upgrade the showroom’s layout and visual merchandising infrastructure. At the same time to enhance its visibility and projection of the facades along the busy street. The concept aims to present the showroom and offices volume, as a bright transparent box. With this intention, a high contrast ribbon serves both as a divider of the two levels and as the backdrop for the company branding and signage. Finally, the linear lights both alongside the facades and the interior of the showroom and offices, emphasize this design gesture.

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