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Residential building in Kifisia
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Residential building in Kifisia

Residential building in Kifisia


Principal Architect:  Aristides Kordas

Project Architect: Anastasis Dimokas

Design Team: Athina Raftopoulou


Residential building in Kifisia

The residential building in Kifisia draws inspiration from the area itself, which is full of trees. In fact, the design represents a dialogue between the built and the natural environment. Moreover, the concept urges the building to revolve around its central axis. In this way, it turns the view to different points of Kifisia. At the same time the residential building develops upwards, imitating the plants climbing up the trees. The existing tall pines in the plot, were an inspiration for the implementation of the curve in the design. In other words, the trees were a generative reason for the integration of plants, in various aspects of the concept, like in other various projects.

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