law office custom made doors marble material Kolonaki
logo of a law firm
law firm renovation project in kolonaki athens
library with law books
office of a lawyer
corridor along the common kitchen
corridor with metal and glass materials
bathroom of a law office
bathroom details wood blue
kitchen blue marble wood
corridor with blue wall
reception desk
sliding glass and metal partitions
lawyers office library books
kordas architects design for a law firm
detail of a cycladic statue
logo of vayas law office and sliding glass doors
big meeting room of a law firm with library
glass partitions and wooden bookcase
detail of a wooden library
lawyers office library
office space of a lawyer
reception desk and room of a law firm
law office redesign and renovation interior design
dikigoriko grafeio
Law Firm in Kolonaki

Law Firm in Kolonaki


Principal Architect:  Aristides Kordas

Project Architect: Angeliki Labada

Design Team: Eirini Laskaridou

Construction Management: Stavros Rafailidis

  • 3D Visualizations: SugarVisuals
  • Photos: Anastasis Dimokas

Law Firm in Kolonaki

The redesign of this law firm aims to bring a modern, contemporary atmosphere in the working spaces. At the same time, there was a strong intention to preserve some of the elegant, neoclassical elements. Therefore, characteristic materials such as wood and marble, are dominant in the design of the offices. Moreover, these elements refer to the elegant aesthetics of an era long gone. On the other hand, features such as the custom made metal sliding doors and the impressive reception offer a contemporary point of view in the space.

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