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House with garden and pool in Paiania

House with garden and pool in Paiania


Principal Architect:  Aristides Kordas

Project Architect: Athanasia Stavropoulou

Design Team: Anastasis Dimokas, Elisavet Kiretsi

3D Visualization: Thanos Papadopoulos


House with garden and pool in Paiania

The single family house was designed to accommodate a modern family of four. The building develops in two levels, two distinct volumes. The ground floor includes the functions related to the social life of the family, whereas the first floor includes the more private spaces.

The main entrance of the house, along the street, creates conditions of privacy, whilst the main entrance door and the path upon the stairs, mark the entry to the house. The house thus turns its façade to the exterior space, with large openings unifying the interior with the exterior, forming an atmosphere where the experience of the garden and nature emerges as a dominant element.

The lower volume, in close contact with the ground and the abundant vegetation, is in dark tones, while the first floor slides slightly, with its light- colored volume emphasizing this transposition. The small living room between the bedrooms upstairs creates a common reference space, with the exit to the balcony offering a prominent view of the pool and the garden. At the same time, shading elements regulate the sunlight that reaches the rooms, thus helping to shade the upper floor.

In addition, great emphasis was given to the design of the surrounding area of the house. The swimming pool area, a prominent feature, is directly visible from the dining and living area. The water element is complemented by lush vegetation, creating a sense of privacy at the boundaries of the plot and a green oasis at the same time.



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